Impact of industry-leading technology

How Dunwell Dentistry discovered the value of Weave after trying 'comparable' technology

Having industry-leading technology in your office improves your practice and adds tremendous value to your business. Patient communication platforms not only add value for patients but simplify the roles of your team. Dunwell Dentistry was a Weave customer, but decided to try out another system after a competitor special promotion was offered. After only being with the competitor system for roughly three weeks, the Office Manager, Kim Konopka, and her team realized the platform was a major downgrade and they had compromised their office’s communication and efficiency.

You'll learn:

How Weave provides ease and all-in-one functionality through the mobile app

How Weave increases efficiency and ease of texting

How Weave provides smooth patient integration that makes communication personal

“We didn’t realize that Weave was going to be that much of a difference, but it was. We were promised that their native systems were going to be similar to Weave, but they were not. Nowhere near as comparable.”

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- Kim Konopka
Office Manager, Dunwell Dentistry
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