Learn From the World’s Leading Experts in Evidence-Based Audiology

You may be a highly educated audiology professional, but that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Attending audiology conferences is a fantastic way to learn about industrial innovations, translational research, and the latest changes in your field.

The Significance of Audiology Conferences

Why attend a hearing care symposium? Check out these perks.

Networking Opportunities

At audiology workshops, you’ll get to rub elbows with some of the brightest minds in your field. You’ll also meet experts in hearing and neurodevelopmental disorders from around the world, many of whom have made undeniable contributions to audiology. This is a great way to build your network and potentially advance your career.

Educational Benefits

Learning and gaining knowledge doesn’t stop once you’ve finished college. Thanks to audiology continuing education, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of emerging pathologies and clinical and translational research. You’ll also discover the lightning progress experts are making with artificial intelligence and other technologies that can help people with hearing loss.

In short, conferences offer audiologists the chance to seriously up their game. Sound good? If you’d like to take advantage, start preparing by checking out some awesome audiology events below.

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Top Five Audiology Conferences and Events on Our Must-Go List and Honorable Mentions

  • Mayo Clinic Audiology Conference (September 21, 2024): This conference focuses on enhancing care for diverse populations, multidisciplinary teamwork, and factors associated with hearing loss. Mayo Clinic offers this scientific conference online and in person at the Leighton Auditorium in Rochester, MN.
  • AAA 2024+ HearTECH (April 17-20, 2024): This conference, held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, offers four days of numerous practical workshops and cutting-edge expertise from opinion leaders.
  • International Hearing Aid Research Conference (August 21-25, 2024): At IHCON, you’ll learn about hearing aid delivery advancements and gain acute insight into vestibular disorders and inner ear pathologies. This unforgettable event takes place at Granlibakken Tahoe in Lake Tahoe, CA.
  • CI2024 Vancouver (July 10-13, 2024): Held by the American Cochlear Implant Alliance in Vancouver, BC, this conference teaches professional practices associated with cochlear implants and auditory neuroscience.
  • Hearing HealthCare Providers Annual Conference 2024 (May 2-4, 2024): Held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Rohnert Park, CA, this conference promises valuable exchanges with seasoned specialists in the audiology field. Attendees will learn about effective hearing treatment options for patients in California.

Hearing Health Conferences Honorable Mentions

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