Appointment Confirmations

Patients can respond any way they want.

Our smart technology makes confirming appointments a breeze

  • Auto Confirm Message
  • Yes, I'll be there. See you guys then.

Scenario 1

If a patient response confirms the appointment with a "Yes", or even a "Sure, I can make it", or a "You bet", our smart technology will recognize the affirmative response and set the confirmation in your system. No further action is required from your office staff.

  • Auto Confirm Message
  • Nope, can't make it. I'll have to reschedule later.

Scenario 2

If your patient needs to cancel or change the appointment, and responds with something like "I need to reschedule", or "I'll be out of town", etc., our smart system automatically categorizes the response and an alert is sent to the Weave desktop client to notify your office that action is required.

In order for you to use "Smart Confirmations", Appointment Reminders must be turned on in your Practice Management System.

Simplify with Smart Confirmations

Choosing to active the "Automated Confirmations" setting allows your Weave application to automatically update the status of all confirmed appointments directly to your Practice Management System.

How Confirmations and Alerts Work

Weave can now automatically update confirmed appointments in your system.

  • What is the best strategy for Appointment Confirmations?

    Weave confirms appointments

    1. Have multiple confirmation touchpoints

    2. You obviously want your appointment confirmations to be as successful as possible. The best way to do this is to have multiple touchpoints with the customer or patient.

    3. Establish connection 2-3 weeks prior to the appointment

    4. Send the first reminder about the appointment 2-3 weeks before the appointment. If the customer or patient confirms with this text, they will not receive additional texts.

    5. If patient has not confirmed, verify contact info and resend 2-3 days in advance

    6. Anyone who did not confirm with the first text gets the same text two days before their appointment.

    7. Remind patient of confirmed appointment 2 hours in advance

    8. This reminder can be done one of two ways, it can go to anyone who has still not confirmed their appointment, or it can go to everyone as a reminder (this would obviously require a different message from the first two texts).

  • What should I say when confirming an appointment?

    Make your message personal

    Confirming an appointment should be a warm interaction with your customers. Many appointment confirmation softwares send out a confirmation email or text that goes something like this: “Hi Jason, you have an appointment on August 1, 2019, respond ‘C’ to confirm”. How personal is that interaction? Not personal at all. It is immediately apparent that reminder is automated.

    A better confirmation text would go something like this, “Hi Jason, this is Danielle from Mountain View Dental. We have you scheduled for an appointment on August 1, 2019. Does that appointment still work for you? We are looking forward to seeing you!”

    Feel free to customize your own scripts with Weave, but keep these few tips in mind:

    Use your name and your business name

    This makes it clear who the message is from, and makes the message seem less like a robo-text.

    Give them their appointment date and time

    It should be fairly clear why this is important.

    Ask them a question about their ability to keep their appointment

    This question should require them to respond affirmatively like the example above shows. This allows weave to confirm the appointment automatically with their smart texting capabilities.

    Assume that they are going to keep the appointment

    Say something that assumes they are going to keep their appointment like, “we will see you then!”, or “we are looking forward to seeing you!”.

  • When is the right time to implement an appointment confirmation software?

    Decrease necessary effort

    The right time to implement a confirmation software is today. Confirmation softwares free up time for employees to focus on customers and patients. Better customer service means faster business growth by way of customer referrals and reviews. Not to mention that confirmation softwares have a higher success rate when they are configured appropriately.

    Make the transition seamless with Weave

    Customers are becoming more and more accustomed to communicating with businesses via text, so the transition is typically very straightforward. Especially if your system lets you personalize the communication like Weave does.

  • What is the benefit of an automated system for confirming appointments?

    Save time and be more successful

    While there are certainly multiple benefits of an automated appointment confirmation software, the two main benefits are saving time and increasing effectiveness.

    Remove variables

    If you have ever tried to make confirmation calls, you know that your success rate of actually getting someone on the phone is almost always less than 25%. So you leave a message. The person on the other end of the phone may or may not listen to that message, and they may or may not call you back. If that person calls you back, there may or may not be someone available to answer the phone. You get the picture… too many variables, and too much time spent.

    Automated reminders go out by way of text message or email. These can be read and responded to at any time. This means no more phone tag, no more missed calls, and in turn, a higher success rate with less time invested.

  • How does a smart texting system like Weave help confirm appointments?

    Stop with “C” to confirm already

    Keeping customers in your business is all about creating a relationship with that patient. Typical text or email confirmations have defined parameters of how the person can respond. That is why you will typically see, “Respond C to confirm”. This screams robo-texting, which can often be harmful to how the patient views their relationship with the business. Imagine instead, a confirmation text that looks like this: “Hi Lindsey, this is Jessica from Riverside Dental. We are looking forward to your appointment on December 8th at 2 PM. Does that still work for you?”

    Personalize confirmations with smart texting

    Sounds great, right? The issue with most automated confirmation systems is that they would not recognize the answer that the patients send back. That is where Weave is different. Weave has built-in two-way texting with smart texting recognition, so if that person responded “Yes, that still works for me,” the Weave system would recognize that appointment as confirmed. See how it works. Schedule a demo and someone will happily walk you through it.

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