Appointment Confirmations

Patients can respond any way they want.

Our smart technology makes confirming appointments a breeze

  • Auto Confirm Message
  • Yes, I'll be there. See you guys then.

Scenario 1

If a patient response confirms the appointment with a "Yes", or even a "Sure, I can make it", or a "You bet", our smart technology will recognize the affirmative response and set the confirmation in your system. No further action is required from your office staff.

  • Auto Confirm Message
  • Nope, can't make it. I'll have to reschedule later.

Scenario 2

If your patient needs to cancel or change the appointment, and responds with something like "I need to reschedule", or "I'll be out of town", etc., our smart system automatically categorizes the response and an alert is sent to the Weave desktop client to notify your office that action is required.

In order for you to use "Smart Confirmations", Appointment Reminders must be turned on in your Practice Management System.

Simplify with Smart Confirmations

Choosing to active the "Automated Confirmations" setting allows your Weave application to automatically update the status of all confirmed appointments directly to your Practice Management System.

How Confirmations and Alerts Work

Weave can now automatically update confirmed appointments in your system.

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