In summer 2018, Weave unveiled an unprecedented parental leave policy that left employees astounded– and one soon-to-be-father, Derek Allen, completely shocked. It is safe to say, 6 weeks of paid leave for fathers was not what he was expecting–not to mention all of the other perks that include baby swag, six weeks of house cleanings, 6 weeks of meal deliveries, and Honest Co. diapers for a year. (The plan allocates 12 weeks’ leave for mothers).

Only 9% of American companies offer paid paternity leave to employees. Conversely, Weave’s unprecedented policy reminded Allen of his previous paternity leave experiences with his former company. “I had one day off when my first two kids were born. With [my son], I had the day he was born off, and I went back on Monday.” So it goes without saying, Weave has honed in on truly caring about the members of its team and helping them balance the intricacies of their family lives.

“Already, my commitment to Weave was one hundred percent,” he said. “This solidified it. The time off was really, really cool. The other perks were really cool, but just being home was rad.”

Becca DeVito, program manager at Weave and employee for four years, said of her maternity leave experience, “It was such a huge stress relief to know that I could focus on my baby and healing after the birth instead of stressing about finances. What was more important to me though was knowing that our CEO and the executive team was fostering a culture of allowing employees to focus on their families when it was needed. I didn’t need to worry that my job or status at the company would be downgraded or be in jeopardy because my husband and I decided to have a child.”

Weave’s policy for new parents is not only the best in the state, but it puts Utah as a leader for parental leave policies across the country. Not to mention the personal value internalized for employees.

DeVito added, “After leaving and coming back from maternity leave, I have even more appreciation for my job and the culture that is fostered here at Weave. I am so thankful for Brandon recognizing how the company could improve, taking feedback and researching what women/families really needed, and then actually implementing those policies.”


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