Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: A mom, desperately trying to get ahold of her kid, calls and calls and calls to no avail. Moments later her phone lights up as it begins to vibrate—it’s her child! But it’s not the sound of their voice but a text message. A TEXT MESSAGE! Someone she spent hours in agonizing labor for can’t even take a second to answer her call?!? Oh the agony… the outrage!

Text Messaging for Businesses is the Way of the Future

Ok, maybe that situation is a little too dramatic, but people being more willing to text than call is the reality in today’s world. It may seem ridiculous and even, at times, may take us longer to send a text than simply call, but the truth is: TEXTING RUNS THE WORLD.

How do You Use Texting to Benefit Your Business?

The wisest doctors and healthcare professionals in the business know the importance of strong interpersonal connections with their patients. Enhanced communication and timely notifications strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and encourage patients to remain happy and engaged. Especially when their system has the texting features that Weave offers. Business texting etiquette is important when communicating with patients.

Practitioners who text patients have discovered that:

1. Texting patients consolidates communication into one convenient place

With Weave, all of your text messages go through your office phone number, so anytime you click on the button to send a text, you can immediately see the text history with that patient. This can be extremely valuable in numerous situations.

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Weave's Smart Texting Technology Can Help you Grow Faster

Our receptionist used to spend a little over an hour a day confirming appointments. Today it takes her just 15 minutes; she can focus so much more on {patient care} and being available for our {patients} in-office. - Weave Customer | Rachel Fox.

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2. Scheduling and follow-ups become a faster, more efficient process

Keeping the schedule full and consolidated is a priority in any office. With Weave’s automated system you can not only automate and streamline this process, but you can personalize the process.

3. Patients prefer texting to phone calls and email

Texting is the preferred way for the majority of patients to receive appointment reminders.

4. Coordination of tech-driven interactions is streamlined and professional

Patients are beginning to equated tech-driven communication with an office being “high-tech”. This is often equated to quality in many patients’ minds.

5. Two-way texting is vital to maintaining connection with patients

Many patients are surprised and excited to find out that there is a person on the other end of their reminder texts. When they respond and someone texts back, they feel a personal connection.

The reality is that using texting to communicate back and forth with patients provides a wealth of advantages and benefits. With 92% of American adults owning a cellphone and, on average, an SMS open rate of 98% (compared to only 20% for email), one might think it crazy not to use SMS text to more effectively confirm and communicate with patients as well.

Texting has been responsible for major business deals, peace treaties, marriage proposals and breakups and now it’s most definitely ready for appointment confirmation and communication. With Weave’s state-of-the-art texting application, practices are able to reach out to care for their patients better than ever before.

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