3 Phone Tips to Nourish Client Relationships

The average dental office fields about 75 calls a day, half of which are incoming. Of those incoming calls, about 10 go to voicemail, and only 7 actually leave a message. Which means that unless those 30.5 other callers decide to call back another time, your practice likely lost a would-be patient to the next dentist on the list, or you’ve unintentionally deferred a reschedule or missed a cancellation: all three scenarios ending with an empty chair that could have been filled.

These are real numbers, pulled at an average from the offices of Weave customers. The entire communication system surrounding your office involves a phone and, look, we know it’s not easy. Missing a call doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the phone. Missing a call probably means you’re busy with a patient standing right in front of you, requiring your time and attention.

A client’s experience begins before they even step foot in the office. So the question is, how can we treat the person on the other line as if they were just on the other side of the front desk, and help them feel valued?

We have three beloved phone tips that may help you hit the reset on the customer service front and save what could have been lost with those missed calls:

  1. Set up missed call texts to ensure the patient you’re aware of the missed connection and that you intend to follow up.
  2. Time your contact rate. It’s usually best to call patients around lunch (12-1pm) or during their commute (5-6:30 pm) to be sensitive to their personal and family time.
  3. Utilize texts for before and after appointments from the provider, and try to personalize the message. Look into the patient’s notes before reaching out to identify specifics that would be helpful to know. The more interest you show in the patient, the more valued they’ll feel and, in turn, the more they’ll value your practice.

When a practice pays attention to the details, the love comes through and translates as value to your patients. This value is the catalyst in nourishing patient relationships, and soon those 37.5 missed calls will be a breeze to navigate, and your chairs will be filled.

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