Weave Referral Program FAQ's

When do I get the gift card?You will receive the first $25 gift card via email once the business you referred completes a demo of Weave services. The $500 referral bonus gift card will also be delivered via email, but only after the referred business signs up for Weave, is fully onboarded to Weave, and is a customer in good standing for 90 days.
How does Weave deliver the gift card?Weave will send you a code via email to redeem your gift card. Gift card redemption codes must be redeemed within 90 days of receiving them but the gift cards do not expire once the code is redeemed.
Do I have to be a Weave customer to participate?Yes, you must be a current Weave customer in order to receive the referral bonus.
Will the money be taxed? Weave asks that you fill out a W-9 form prior to receiving your $500 reward to ensure that Weave is meeting all applicable tax requirements. You can find that form HERE. Before you are eligible to receive your $500 reward, we ask that you return the aforementioned form to [email protected] for processing. You are only required to report on these rewards if you receive more than $600 in incentives from Weave throughout the calendar year.
What if I refer someone who is already in the process of learning about Weave, but is not yet a customer?This program is for new referrals only. Businesses that have received a demo within 30 days will not qualify as a referral under the Weave Referral Program.
Can I refer another location that I own, or that is owned by an existing Weave customer?This program is only for new referrals. Locations that share the same beneficial ownership as an existing Weave customer do not qualify as a referral under the Weave Referral Program.
How will Weave engage someone I refer?After receiving a demo request, a Weave representative will reach out to the referred business to schedule a demo of Weave’s services.
If I have questions about the Weave Referral Program, who can I contact?Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding this program.
If I referred someone to Weave prior to the launch of the Weave Referral Program or told them about Weave but did not alert [email protected] or provide their information at refer.getweave.com, can I get paid for that referral?No, all referrals made prior to the program start date are not retroactively eligible for the program. Weave cannot honor referrals that are not submitted through Customer Experience Representatives, the refer.getweave.com page, or [email protected].