Making the Most of Veterinary Practice Management Software

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Operating a veterinary practice is no walk in the park. While your patients may be soft and furry with little worry about when their appointment is or isn’t, your patients’ owners DO have busy schedules and need you to keep things moving along smoothly. That’s where veterinary management software comes into play. The right software will allow you to schedule appointments, keep patient information up to date, and help keep the office running smoothly.

However, most software requires a little tweaking and manipulating to make it work for you. These quick and easy tips will help you and your staff get the most from your veterinary practice software:

• Implement Back-of-House Features – You probably use your management program as a veterinary scheduling software, but do you use the other features too? Look into other features like inventory control and intra-office communication tools to streamline your practice.

• Use It Every Time – If you are using your software to schedule some appointments, but others are written by hand, you will likely have a chaotic schedule to maintain. Let the software do the scheduling work for you so that you can dedicate your time to maintaining relationships with patients.

• Take Advantage of Training Opportunities – Does the company that manufactures your software program offer any training opportunities? Get in touch with the organization to sign up for any online or live training events and learn the ins and outs of the program.

• Integrate Mobile Features – The smoothest-running offices today are taking advantage of mobile. If you can utilize your software on a tablet, smartphone or other mobile advice, do it! Taking advantage of mobile is an excellent way to improve the workflow of your office.

• Educate Everyone – Who knows how to operate your software? If the only person who knows how to operate the system goes on vacation or happened to be out for an extended amount of time, what would you do? Educate the office and you’ll find most employees are willing to utilize the tools.

Does your current veterinary practice software meet all of your office needs? It could be that you need a simple program to help! Weave is a simple solution that can bring nearly any veterinary management software up to date. Weave helps mobilize your veterinary scheduling software and also integrates other systems too. You will find that it’s easier than ever to keep your patients (and pet parents) happy and your office running smoothly. Contact us at Weave to learn more and set up a live demo. We can’t wait to help you!

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