Automate the Success of Your Sales Team With Calendar Reminders

  Have you ever forgotten something important? A crucial ingredient for an elaborate dinner recipe, a family member’s birthday, or an offsite meeting where everyone was relying on you to show up and work your magic?   If only there were a way to keep your commitments organized and scheduled all in one place. Wouldn’t […]

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How to Keep Your Schedule Full With Quick Fill Text Messages

Appointment Quick Fill Text Message

  If you own a dental or medical practice, there is a high likelihood that you have had to deal with broken appointments. If not, congratulations, you are superhuman… you can stop reading now. For the rest of us,  we’re going to talk about how to fill broken appointments with Weave’s Quick Fill text messages. […]

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Why Reminder Texts Are a Must-Have for Veterinary Clinics in the Digital Age

  Technology has changed rapidly in the 21st century. In particular, widespread use of the internet has altered the way humans think, communicate, and live. The way we access the internet has changed too; we’ve moved from bulky desktops and heavy laptops to sleek tablets and sophisticated smartphones. Smartphones and other cellular devices are everywhere. […]

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10 Ways to Use Automation to Form Better Connections With Patients

connecting with patients through automation

Automation is no longer reserved for large corporate enterprises, and it’s more common than you think. From the follow-up emails you get after you ditch your cart online to annual birthday messages from your favorite restaurant, automation has become an efficient and effective way to correspond with customers.   When the principles of automation are […]

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How Reminder Systems Help Medical Professionals Keep Their Schedules Full

keeping doctor schedule full

You’ve probably already heard the stats about how costly missed appointments are for a medical practice and how they can also derail a patient’s treatment plan. No business is immune to people missing their appointments, whether it’s a surgeon or a personal trainer.   These missed appointments can hurt both medical practices and patient alike. […]

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10 Strategies to Help Your Patients Keep Appointments

busy patient keeping appointment

Everyone is busy, and convincing your patients to keep appointments, especially for routine and non-urgent office visits can be a challenge. Looming work deadlines, family obligations, and social commitments can all seem more important in your patients’ minds than a routine oral hygiene appointment or an eye exam.   However, missed appointments can be detrimental […]

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Best Practices for Sending Customer Reminder Text Messages

Customer Reading Reminder Text Message

Congratulations! You’ve decided to implement a system that uses text messages to remind your customers about their appointments! As you’ll see, this is a huge step toward reducing missed appointments, last minute cancellations, and no-shows, and it’ll take a lot of mundane busywork off the workload of your team.   To get the most out […]

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How to Set Up Your Reminder System to Optimize Results

Getting customers to make and keep appointments is vital to any business that operates on an appointment basis. Broken appointments lead to downtime and decreased productivity. So what do you do to help your customers keep their appointments?   You send them reminders.   You remind them several times, and often through several different methods […]

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5 Ways Your Reminder Message is Missing the Mark

Reminder Message

No-shows and missed appointments not only cost your practice revenue, but they also add to the workload and frustration of your office staff. Patients that don’t make it to their appointments end up delaying care, which can negatively impact their overall health and treatment outcomes. While there are numerous reasons that patients miss appointments, including […]

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Three Reasons Your Dental Practice Should be Using Automated Reminders

There are many different types of technology out there that can help grow your dental practice. The difficulty that arises is that trying decide what makes the most sense for you and your team can be confusing. This article is intended to help you navigate the waters of available dental software, in hopes that your […]

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